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MagmaMC Official Rules

1 ➣
Cheats, Hacks & Modification
2 ➣ Respect & Attitudes
3 ➣ Server Advertising
4 ➣ Alts / Account Sharing
5 ➣ Impersonation
6 ➣ Inappropriate Content
7 ➣ Chat Related
8 ➣ Scamming
9 ➣ Asking for Items
10 ➣ Trading
11 ➣ Store & Purchases
12 ➣ Punishments
  • 1 ➣ Cheats, Hacks & Modifications
    • 1.0 ➣ Usage of any cheats, hack clients, modifications, unofficial Minecraft clients or game launchers are strictly FORBIDDEN and should not be used on the server.
    • 1.1 Usage of any texture packs which fall under the category of providing benefit to yourself over other players, such as X-Ray texture packs are not allowed in any circumstances.
    • 1.2 Usage of any cheats which is the cause of game bug, server bug, glitches, or exploits for the benefit of yourself or others is strictly FORBIDDEN.
    • 1.3 The following modifications are ALLOWED and are the only official version of the specified modifications that can be used is listed here
    • 1.4 Any usage of modification, hack, cheat or client that are not mentioned above should not be used.
    • 1.5 Do not attempt to abuse any bugs/glitches or commands that are available when they shouldn't be, report immediately to the staff members if you found any bugs/glitches or commands.
    • 1.6 Do not attempt to 'overload' the server in any way possible. This will result in an Immediate Ban.
  • 2 ➣ Respect And Attitudes
    • 2.0 This rule applies when in contact with staff or when speaking with staff. You must show respect to staff members and be kind as they are back to you.
    • 2.1 In relation to attitude and decisions, a staff member may mute, tempban or ban you and this does not mean you can go on Discord and send hate messages to them, the following rules apply for Discord and you will be banned off there as well.
    • 2.2 Acts such as racism, sexism, ageism, religious discussions or general discrimination is NOT allowed.
  • 3 ➣ Server Advertising
    • 3.0 Server advertising is strictly PROHIBITED and is not allowed in any circumstances. This includes discussing another server, giving server IP, name and other credentials under the motive to advertise the server.
    • 3.1 ➣ Private messaging and global chat advertisement will result in an PERMANENT Ban.
  • 4 ➣ Alts / Account Sharing
    • 4.0 ➣ Alternate Accounts are NOT allowed on the server. If you have the approval of using multiple accounts, please inform all staff members.
    • 4.1 ➣ Account Sharing is allowed, but we will not be responsible for any losses.
    • 4.2 ➣ We will not be refunding any lost items that are use by others.
  • 5 ➣ Impersonation
    • 5.0 ➣ Impersonating another player / staff members is strictly FORBIDDEN and will result in a ban
  • 6 ➣ Inappropriate Contents
    • 6.0 ➣ Inappropriate skins / capes is not allowed.
    • 6.1 ➣ Your username may not contain any curse / sexual words.
    • 6.2 ➣ You're not allowed to build inappropriate builds on your plots.
  • 7 ➣ Chat Related
    • 7.1 ➣ You're not allowed to spam, curse, flood, spamming characters and being racism in the chat.
    • 7.2 ➣ You are only allowed to use English in the main chat.
    • 7.3 ➣ Excessive usage of caps is not allowed. (80% and above)
  • 8 ➣ Scamming
    • 8.1 ➣ Scamming is strictly FORBIDDEN under any circumstances.
  • 9 ➣ Asking For Items
    • 9.1 ➣ Asking for items is allowed, but only do it once.
    • 9.2 ➣ Do not ask for a staff rank, or ask a staff members for any items.
  • 10 ➣ Trading
    • 10.0 ➣ You are not allowed to scam others in-game during a trade, if caught, you will be banned.
    • 10.1 ➣ Being involved in the IRL (In Real Life) trades, you are not allowed to scam others. This will result in a perm ban.
  • 11 ➣ Store & Purchases
    • 11.0 ➣ Any purchase / donation made from the MagmaMC Store fall under our donation and purchase guidelines, rules and regulations as outlined below. Upon purchasing from our store, you agreed to the terms and conditions prior to checkout.
    • 11.1 ➣ Any purchase made is non-refundable. (Unless you made a forums post [Click Me])
  • 12 ➣ Punishments
    [Click Me]
All server rules displayed above are immediately. The server rules may be changed, adjusted, edited or formatted in any way at any given time without prior notice. All players are expected to abide by the server rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in being punished.
Rules that are not listed doesn't mean that its allowed.

Excuses such as "I didn't know it was a rule" will not be tolerated and you will be punished for violating any section or subsection of the rules above.
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