YouTuber Rank Requirements

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Making videos really helps the server grow in size. Which is why we really appreciate everyone that makes videos on our server. In return, you are given the YouTuber Rank in-game, on the forums and on Discord. This rank gives you some extra features to make better videos, but you must meet all requirements to obtain this exclusive rank.

  • You must have a minimum of 500+ subscribers.
  • Your YouTube channel must be active. (Atleast one video a week.)
  • You must have a total of 1,000 views on your videos related to PrisonRealms. (This can be either on one video, or multiple videos which add up to 1,000.)
  • You must continue to make videos of PrisonRealms, a minimum of one video every two weeks.
If you do not have one of these requirements, we cannot give you the rank. If you do meet the requirements, please contact Danny on discord.
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